Weekly Picks – 5/8/17 | Mother’s Day

Weekly Picks – 5/8/17 | Mother’s Day

Every week I will be featuring 6 items that I love, and that you should love too!

Mother’s Day in America is this week. Are you still shopping? I’ve chosen 6 items that are perfect to get your mom! Whether it be for this week or for another holiday, these are some top picks for mom!

The first item I chose for this week is a FitBit. This is actually the exact model and color we got my mom for her most recent birthday and she loves it! And I love that lavender color! It’s so pretty!

The second item I’ve chosen is a beautiful silk robe. I personally have a robe and I love it. It’s perfect for after a shower/bath or just for a day where you feel like relaxing and not doing anything. It’s so comfortable. Gift this to your mom with a bottle of wine and she can have a nice, relaxing day.

If she needs a new bag (doesn’t everyone always need a new bag?), this one is perfect! It’s classy and super spring-oriented. I love how chic it is. It would look good with almost any spring outfit!

The next two items are perfect for home. First is a personal iced tea brewer. This easily brews your tea and you can choose a custom setting for how strong you’d like it, plus you can throw some fruit in there for an extra twist! I’ve also chosen a pretty ruby hummingbird feeder. Mom can easily put it in her garden or yard and watch the hummingbirds come and go all day.

And finally, how could I make a Mother’s Day picks list without a classic ‘mom’ item? This bracelet is very classy and the way ‘mom’ is woven into the design is so cool!

The picks:

What’s your favorite?

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  1. I love that bag! Really stylish and it looks perfect for summer! I might treat my myself to one 🙂

  2. I am totally in love with the fitbits. I do not have one, but would love one or that robe. I am obsessed with florals. I do not know why but they make me feel so much better on a sunny day and that robe would be an amazing gift to have!

  3. A new bag is always a plus in my book. I actually got a robe for my mom one Mother’s Day. She loved it because she needed something to walk around the house in.

  4. That has to be the prettiest fit bit I have ever seen, I love the purple colour it is absolutely gorgeous. The bag from Nordstorm is gorgeous too! x

  5. No doubt that those are all beautiful choices for mom! I love the silk robe, it’s perfect for a day staying at home and just doing what you want.

  6. These are all indeed awesome items I would love to have for sure. I have yet to get a fit bit and I would love to have this humming bird feeder. My mom I know would love the humming bird feeder. Thanks for sharing these awesome items.

  7. Fitbit, that is! Interesting idea every week there’s something to look forward 😀

  8. The Capresso Iced Tea Brewer won my heart! I would love to have one, and it is reasonably priced 🙂

  9. Wonderful choices! I love the floral bag!

  10. I love my current fitbit flex but I do hope my peps upgrade me for mothers day to a fancier one!! I also love that bag! Great Picks!

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