53 Kingsley and Me: A Style Review

53 Kingsley is an online boutique out of the west coast. I was lucky enough to win a giveaway toward store credit and I was so excited. The clothing is so chic! I want to show you what I bought.

I decided to use my credit toward a Boho Lace Trim Top and toward the Mile High sunglasses. I love both of my choices so much!

The top is so pretty and detailed! I love that it’s white, so I can pair it with so many things. THE DETAILING though! The top has beautiful cutouts, as do the sleeves and toward the bottom. The bottom itself has some pretty fringe and the circles going across the bust pull the whole look of the top together. I just threw on a nude bandeau underneath and it was perfect!

The sunglasses are so fun! I chose them in the gold/fuchsia pairing and I’m glad I did! They add an extra lively element to any outfit! They look good both on your head and on your face. I also love the visibility out of them. Many other pairs of sunglasses I own are super dark and I have a hard time functioning with them on, but I can see very well out of these while still getting UV protection!

Day 1

The first day I wore the pieces, it was 90 degrees outside. I paired them with a short pastel pink skirt and a white sunhat (which is slightly droopy from taking it in a pool with me…). I loved the pastel look! And even with the long sleeves, the shirt was very cool

Day 2

The second day I wore the pieces out, we went to the city (not NYC still). It was a cooler day, so I threw on some jeans and added some heels and a necklace to style the outfit up a little bit more. My face in this third photo is hilarious, but I still like the photo.

Get the Looks!

Go to 53 Kingsley to shop these two pieces, plus more items that they have! They have other styles of sunglasses, plus some dresses and an amazing pair of shoes. PLUS, I’m all about getting a deal, so use the promo code CHIC20 to get 20% off your order! That code expires June 30, 2017 so get these items now! I get no commission or anything off of those sales, I just want to promote these amazing items and get you an awesome deal!

ALSO once you get your items, post them on Instagram and tag @53_Kingsley for a chance to get featured on both their website and their instagram! How cool!

I love supporting small, new companies and you can too! Let me know what you think of these pieces in the comments below! I’d love to hear your opinions!


And if you’re interested, here are some pieces similar to the rest of my outfits:


*Affiliate links included. I do make commission off of any purchases made, but usually hand pick the items so they are ones I truly recommend. This goes for the Shopstyle Widget, NOT the products by 53 Kingsley*

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30 Replies to “53 Kingsley and Me: A Style Review”

  1. I love boho-styled tops, and this one you got looks both lovely and comfortable. I like how you pay attention to the details, I do the same too when I shop. Also those sunglasses sure do look psychedelic!

  2. I love the top it will go with so many different pieces and the glasses are really cute, I have a pair very similar from Quay Australia!

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