For me, croquet defines summer. I played almost every summer of my childhood almost every day. My friends and I would have competitions and keep track of who won the most games every summer. I was a croquet master. However, I haven’t had the chance to play for about 5 years. I played again this past weekend with some friends and my love came back. I taught friends and that’s when I realized there are so many ways to play croquet. If you look online, there are a ton of different rules so I wanted to lay out the way that I learned and theRead More →

I’ve been wanting to try LipSense forever! I’ve been a part of the Quadruple The Kisses Facebook group forever and always read everybody’s posts and want to try it so badly, but I hadn’t committed to getting a starter kit yet. Kayla Greenstone of Running with Colors gave me that awesome opportunity. (Her blog is Running with Strollers). She gave me a complimentary starter kit in exchange for me writing my honest opinion of it. I literally almost died from joy when I was given this opportunity, since I’d been wanting to try it for so long. For those who don’t know, Lipsense is a lipRead More →

I always keep my weekly picks at a decent price, but this week I’m keeping them all under $10! I’m going to do this frequently from now on to continue helping others to be fashionable on a budget. This week I’ve chosen a summer theme, since summer officially beings this Wednesday. The first two items I’ve chosen are some super stylish and fun shorts. Wear them to the beach or on any day during your summer fun activities. I love the simple, yet fashionable prints on these shorts. They just scream summer to me! Next I chose a little summer pouch. Keep your money, phone, and other smallRead More →

I’m so excited to have gotten my first VoxBox. I got it two weeks after signing up! I’m so excited to share with you how it was done! I had read about many bloggers wondering how to get one and I was wondering myself until now! For those who don’t know: a VoxBox is a box full of free products from Influenster! You review the products and keep them. You basically get free product in exchange for reviewing them. PLUS most of them are full-sized products. Not all of those small sample sizes. I’ve done free sample boxes before and all you get is 2 or 3Read More →

I love adventure. I try to incorporate it into my everyday life, whether it be hang gliding or a simple trip to the grocery store and make it an adventure. My boyfriend Cory and I were on a separate adventure one day when we stumbled upon this awesome church – abandoned with no windows and doors. There were a couple of other people there and we decided to go adventure inside. When we were done taking photos of the outside, we stepped inside. It was nice and cool for the very hot day. (It was around 90 degrees that day). The wind blew through very nicely.Read More →

As many people know, my life is full of the weird and awkward moments. Like…more than it should be I’d say. My birthday was this past weekend and I’m going to tell the story in full of what happened. It wasn’t the most pleasant birthday I’ve had, but certainly interesting. It began the night before my birthday. My boyfriend – Cory – wanted to order food, but I insisted on driving to try out this burrito place I had been wanting to try. He agreed since it was almost my birthday and we drove the 25 minutes to get me a burrito. The shop wasRead More →

Did you know that many companies give away freebies or coupons just for it being your birthday? My birthday month is wrapping up, and during the whole month I went on a search to see what I would be able to get for free or for a discount in terms of beauty supplies. You usually have to sign up for a rewards program or a coupon list, but you literally get even more benefits by doing this. I’ve compiled a list for you of my 10 favorite birthday freebies that I found to be the best beauty or style discounts that you can get forRead More →

Essential oils are a wonderful way to better your skin or remedy your health in a natural way. They are wonderful for so many different beauty needs and regimens. I’d rather use these any day than putting chemicals onto my body. Alicia Phillips of The Happy Hippie provided me with a free copy of her book, The Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils, and I learned more than I knew before!!  Here’s a basic guide for using essential oils for beauty. The Basics Skin Care Essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and chamomile are wonderful for fighting acne. So are citruses like lemon and orange! Plus you smell good! LavenderRead More →

53 Kingsley is an online boutique out of the west coast. I was lucky enough to win a giveaway toward store credit and I was so excited. The clothing is so chic! I want to show you what I bought. I decided to use my credit toward a Boho Lace Trim Top and toward the Mile High sunglasses. I love both of my choices so much! The top is so pretty and detailed! I love that it’s white, so I can pair it with so many things. THE DETAILING though! The top has beautiful cutouts, as do the sleeves and toward the bottom. The bottom itself hasRead More →

This week is my birthday week! So with that in mind, I wanted to make this week’s picks something fun, like a party. I chose a confetti theme and choosing the products was so fun! I first chose a bomber jacket. This jacket has a white base, which I love and you will see with a lot of these products. It makes the confetti pattern stand out so much more. What I like about this jacket is that while the pattern stands out, it’s not anything too crazy. And you can wear it with so many outfits! Next I moved on to a little wallet. I loveRead More →