Find Your Ideal Heel Height

Find Your Ideal Heel Height

Do your feet end up hurting after a long day or a night out? You try so many pairs of shoes, but can’t seem to find the perfect one. Some women seem to be able to wear any style of heel with  no problem, while others are uncomfortable no matter what. Now, thanks to podiatrist Emma Supple, there is a way to measure your ideal heel height based on the natural shape of your foot.

Supple, a podiatrist out of London, has created the PHH formula (perfect heel height). This formula focuses on the talus, a large bone that connects your foot to the bottom of your leg. Finding your ideal heel height can be done in two steps.

1. Flexibility

To begin, you must take a look at the flexibility of your foot to see if your foot is naturally made for heels in the first place. Stick your leg out straight in front of you and relax your foot. If your foot doesn’t hang down too much and seems to create more of a right angle, then maybe heels weren’t meant for you. On the other hand, if your foot naturally hangs and leans more toward being in a straight line with your leg, your body is designed for wearing heels.

2. Measuring

Even when you’re meant to wear heels, you need to find the right height. All you need is measuring tape. With your leg remaining out straight and relaxed, measure (or have a friend measure) from the bottom of your heel across – parallel to the ground – to where the ball of your foot meets (see diagram). The distance measured is your ideal heel height for maximum comfort.

Step out and find your perfect pair of heels! 


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  1. Great insights! I have always favored heels, especially when going to work, as it just makes me feel more confident. Plus being petite, I like to get all the help I can get! LOL! But I’ve been wanting to wear flats more often lately, it’s just more comfortable.

    Mae |

  2. This is all brand new information, I steer clear of wearing any sort of heel – but wedges I can tolerate and I would consider boots with chunky heels. All I have to do is learn how to walk in them without falling over!

  3. This is great! I am short but suck at walking in heels.

  4. Honestly had no idea about this. Might explain why wearing heels is such a pain for me. I’ll have to try this out to figure out if there’s a better height!

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