How I Get Clothing For $5 Or Less!

Shopping For Clothes

I love clothing, but what I love more than clothing is cheap clothing. I love buying fashionable pieces on a budget! It’s great to know that you can look stylish for not a lot of money! I love when I get complimented on my clothing and I can respond with “Thanks! I got it for $5!”. One of my favorite shopping rules that I’ve learned through life is – “Will you use this x amount of times?” And apply the price in place of the x. If not, it’s usually not worth it. So when you get a piece of clothing for $5, you’re more than exceeding that and it’s amazing!

I want to give you all some of the tips that I use in order to achieve this in my daily life.

Go To The Clearance Section

The first thing I do when I go into a store is head directly for the clearance or sales section. Do not look around at other sections – do not pass Go! Head directly for the cheap section before you get distracted by the more expensive sections. If you don’t find anything you like in the clearance section, you can go back and look in other areas. But most clothing that I find for $5 or under ends up being a golden find from a clearance section. I love sales. Sales are amazing.

Even when you’re shopping online! Head for the sales tab and select to arrange the items by price “lowest to highest” so that you see all of the cheapest items first! You won’t be distracted by the more expensive items if you find the perfect clothing for sale first!


Say yes to coupons! Coupons are easy to find both on retailer’s websites and in the store. Every time you go shopping, make sure to read the receipt they give you. Sometimes they will feature a coupon on the receipt for future use in buying clothing.

Make sure to read coupons carefully! I got a free dress because of this. A FREE DRESS. The store had misprinted the receipt coupon so rather than saying “Get $x off if you spend $50”, it was printed as “Get $x if you spend the $x”. I checked with the employees before using this and they explained that they had a series of misprinted coupons and that I was one of the lucky ones who got the coupon so I got to use it. It was awesome!

There are so many things to say about coupons that I can’t say it all here. I have put together tons more coupon tips, plus 25+ free coupons for you to use from me! Just enter your email here and confirm your subscription to get access to them – plus more in the future when I gather more! No catch here. I genuinely like sharing sales and deals with people.


Every once in awhile you can find a deal where you get rewarded with gift cards for completing a survey. I completed a series of 3 surveys for Planned Parenthood over the course of a year and every time I completed a survey, they rewarded me with an Amazon gift card!

Through one of these, I chose a new dress. Because of the gift card, the whole transaction (including shipping and handling) cost me 94 cents! AMAZING. Have I stated how much I love cheap clothes yet?

Be on the lookout for surveys with awesome rewards such as this!

Thrift Stores

Of course, you have to check thrift stores! Every once in awhile you can find a gem in there! Their clothing is always cheap and I love reusing clothing rather than just throwing them out! It supports a sustainable lifestyle! You can frequently find cool vintage pieces as well.

I found a thrift store one time that had a whole basement where each piece of clothing was 5 cents. What? The most amazing thing I have ever heard!

Clothing Swaps

One of my favorite things ever is a good clothing swap. If you aren’t familiar with clothing swaps, it’s a gathering where you bring a bunch of clothes that you don’t wear any longer and in exchange, you can take any amount of clothing that other people bought for free! It’s putting unused clothing to good use. And it’s so fun to see what other people leave there and what they take of yours! (If you volunteer at one, you get to watch all of your clothing get taken one by one. So fun!).


Get Clothing For $5 and Under Now!

These tips – plus a combination of these tips – are really helpful and you will get even better at it over time! I want to start you off with some options and I took the time to pick out some clothing items with a maximum price of $5. Check them out!

Note: These clothing pieces were $5 or under when this article was published. I am not responsible for any price changes.


*Affiliate links included. I do make commission off of any purchases made, but frequently hand pick the items so they are ones I truly recommend.*

Rule of thumb: When buying from online sites – specifically Amazon – I never buy cheap clothing if there are no reviews left on it. When there are reviews, I read them to weigh the pros and cons.


Do you have any tips for buying cheap clothing? I’d love to hear them below! Please comment with the best fashion deal you’ve gotten!

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  1. Vintage clothes shopping is one of my favourite things to do! I really should look for coupons more often though, its something I don’t really think about trying normally

  2. great tips! I love a good finds that come with a great price tag. And 110% agree with you regarding reading reviews prior to buy online such as amazon, sheinside, and such. I haven’t try the clothing swaps yet. Will have to try that. thanks for sharing.

  3. Clearance sale and sorting from lower to higher price range is actually good tips to look out for. Thrift stores are also good for a few things. You got lucky with the coupon :), Nice ideas

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