Get the Unicorn Frappuccino Look

Get the Unicorn Frappuccino Look

Unicorn Frappuccino

The Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino is a magical drink that is only available for 5 days. It changes flavors and color as time goes on. If you haven’t jumped on this trend yet: WHY NOT?

If nothing else, you can always dress for the occasion, so I have created a guide for you to get that fresh Unicorn Frappuccino look.

For reference, here is what we are working with:

Unicorn Frappuccino

Here is what you will need:

Pink PantsBlue Shirt

First you will need a blue tie-dye shirt. The blue represents the sour blue swirl, while the white perfectly represents the whipped cream topping. I personally chose a top that featured yet another mythical creature just to expand the greatness.

Then you will need to add a pair of pink pants to be the base of the drink.

The final part is the most important part:

The Look:

Unicorn Frappuccino Look    Unicorn Frappuccino Look    Unicorn Frappuccino Look    Unicorn Frappuccino Look

The look perfectly encompasses what the Unicorn Frappuccino is all about. Fun, beauty, a majestic figure.

This look is easy to put together, but is truly out of this world.

Create the look yourself:

Missing some contents of this outfit? Here are some quick links to complete the look yourself:

But wait, there’s more:

As you may or may not have suspected, there were definitely bloopers in this photoshoot. Here are some unedited and mostly terrifying photos:

Unicorn Frappuccino Look Unicorn Frappuccino Look Unicorn Frappuccino Look Unicorn Frappuccino Look

Have you tried the Unicorn Frappuccino?

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  1. I can imgine how you go outside with this on your head and say hello to people around 😀

  2. Author

    I laughed so hard when I was looking at the photos. I HAD to add the extra blooper photos.

  3. Hilarious…thanks for the laughs! My favorite part was the blooper pics.

  4. This was so funny! I haven’t tried the drink but your fun spin on it has me thinking I should.

  5. It was hilarious! Thank You! 😀

  6. Ha Ha!! This is Hillarious. I am still laughing. This is one of the awesome post for the day.

  7. Author

    Thank you! I laughed just thinking about this post as I planned it.

  8. This post had me cracking up. I’ve been seeing stuff about this drink everywhere and it has my brain in a fluster over why people are so ridiculously crazy about it. This gave me some much-needed humor when I feel like society has gone off the deep end! LOL

  9. Author

    I think tomorrow is the last day so make sure you get it before then!

  10. I’ve been hearing so much about this new Starbucks frappuccino. I’m going to try this soon.

  11. This is the best post about that weird Starbucks thing I’ve read so far.
    Thank you!

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