Did you know that many companies give away freebies or coupons just for it being your birthday? My birthday month is wrapping up, and during the whole month I went on a search to see what I would be able to get for free or for a discount in terms of beauty supplies. You usually have to sign up for a rewards program or a coupon list, but you literally get even more benefits by doing this. I’ve compiled a list for you of my 10 favorite birthday freebies that I found to be the best beauty or style discounts that you can get forRead More →

I got a juicer this week and I’m super excited! I’ve decided to make this week’s picks FRUIT THEMED! Super summery as summer comes along! I’ve started with an adorable mini dress. The dress has lemons all over it and will be super cool in the summer. Pair it with a sunhat and you are ready for a warm day out! Next I’ve got a little citrus slice bag charm. Hook it to your bag, either outside or inside and put things in it! So cute! If you need a summery swimsuit, try this one! The base is black, which I love. All of the swimsuits I own are black.Read More →

Essential oils are a wonderful way to better your skin or remedy your health in a natural way. They are wonderful for so many different beauty needs and regimens. I’d rather use these any day than putting chemicals onto my body. Alicia Phillips of The Happy Hippie provided me with a free copy of her book, The Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils, and I learned more than I knew before!!  Here’s a basic guide for using essential oils for beauty. The Basics Skin Care Essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and chamomile are wonderful for fighting acne. So are citruses like lemon and orange! Plus you smell good! LavenderRead More →

53 Kingsley is an online boutique out of the west coast. I was lucky enough to win a giveaway toward store credit and I was so excited. The clothing is so chic! I want to show you what I bought. I decided to use my credit toward a Boho Lace Trim Top and toward the Mile High sunglasses. I love both of my choices so much! The top is so pretty and detailed! I love that it’s white, so I can pair it with so many things. THE DETAILING though! The top has beautiful cutouts, as do the sleeves and toward the bottom. The bottom itself hasRead More →

This week is my birthday week! So with that in mind, I wanted to make this week’s picks something fun, like a party. I chose a confetti theme and choosing the products was so fun! I first chose a bomber jacket. This jacket has a white base, which I love and you will see with a lot of these products. It makes the confetti pattern stand out so much more. What I like about this jacket is that while the pattern stands out, it’s not anything too crazy. And you can wear it with so many outfits! Next I moved on to a little wallet. I loveRead More →

Everyone has a favorite pink or a favorite red or a favorite just plain loud lipstick color that they love to rock. But when it comes to your nude lipsticks, how did you find your favorite? It’s a little more difficult to find a nude shade that goes perfectly with your skin/hair tones. Now there may be a way to find out what your perfect nude lipstick color is. Just match it to the color of your nipples! Doctors off of the NBC show, The Doctors, revealed this information on a recent episode. In the now viral clip, the audience gets a kick out of it as the threeRead More →

honeybee picks

It’s my birthday month! Since the meaning of my name – Melissa – is honeybee, I wanted to make this week’s theme honeybees! Honeybees are super important. They pollinate flowers and food such as apples and broccoli. The ecosystem can’t live without them. So think about that and show your support by wearing a honeybee! I purposely didn’t choose any items that were super yellow/black because I felt that was cliche. Here are the awesome products that I have chosen. The first thing I chose (and I chose it immediately) was the shirt. It’s a plain white collared shirt, but there are little bees coming out of theRead More →

  Get fashionable like a Disney Princess with some spring outfits! I have chosen 5 Disney princesses to be inspired by for this post, but if you all love it I can do more! I’ve put together 5 different looks that you can wear this spring while the weather warms up. Scroll all the way to the bottom to see the whole collection and shop the items directly. Moana Moana is my favorite Disney film right now. It tells a wonderful story of a strong female going on an adventure. The film includes a lot of history and diversity. PLUS. Lin-Manuel Miranda. For this springRead More →

I love clothing, but what I love more than clothing is cheap clothing. I love buying fashionable pieces on a budget! It’s great to know that you can look stylish for not a lot of money! I love when I get complimented on my clothing and I can respond with “Thanks! I got it for $5!”. One of my favorite shopping rules that I’ve learned through life is – “Will you use this x amount of times?” And apply the price in place of the x. If not, it’s usually not worth it. So when you get a piece of clothing for $5, you’re more thanRead More →

Mothers Day Weekly Picks

Every week I will be featuring 6 items that I love, and that you should love too! Mother’s Day in America is this week. Are you still shopping? I’ve chosen 6 items that are perfect to get your mom! Whether it be for this week or for another holiday, these are some top picks for mom! The first item I chose for this week is a FitBit. This is actually the exact model and color we got my mom for her most recent birthday and she loves it! And I love that lavender color! It’s so pretty! The second item I’ve chosen is a beautiful silk robe. I personally haveRead More →