Your Perfect Shade of Lipstick Matches…What?

Your Perfect Shade of Lipstick Matches…What?


Everyone has a favorite pink or a favorite red or a favorite just plain loud lipstick color that they love to rock. But when it comes to your nude lipsticks, how did you find your favorite? It’s a little more difficult to find a nude shade that goes perfectly with your skin/hair tones. Now there may be a way to find out what your perfect nude lipstick color is. Just match it to the color of your nipples!

Doctors off of the NBC show, The Doctors, revealed this information on a recent episode. In the now viral clip, the audience gets a kick out of it as the three try different lipstick shades on and look down their shirts to figure it out. As I watched the video, I found myself wondering: “Does this really work?”

My opinion

In my opinion, it makes sense for some people! You don’t want your nude shade to match you skin or else it will look like you have no lips. You can’t go with the same shade as your lips, or else what is the point in wearing the lipstick? Going with the same shade as your nipples provides a color that naturally goes well with your skin tone without doing anything crazy. It’s so simple, it’s genius!

I do believe, however, that this won’t be perfect for anyone. Obviously if you happen to try it and you think it looks terrible, don’t go with it. You need to be confident in the way you look! Some people may end up with a tone that just isn’t perfect for their face. It’s really an experiment.

While this definitely isn’t going to work for everyone, it’s a fun place to start! Rock this weird beauty fact! Does it apply to you? What do you think about this?


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  1. What an interesting thought! I just bought a new lipstick online and I don’t think it matches my nipples haha!

  2. I love lipstick and lip glosses, never would have thought the breast would help determine your lip color, hmmm

  3. That’s a… different approach, lol! Since I’m not into nude lipsticks I won’t be trying it out anytime soon though. 😀

  4. hahaha did anybody manage to read this without getting their boob out to check shades?!! What a strange theory…. But I guess there could be something in it because everybody is different according to our skin tone?? I don’t think I’ll be getting mine out in front of the Maybelline stand at the drugstore to check though… 😉

  5. I’ve been looking for a light and nude lipstick that suits me. I usually look dead in it. I’ve been wearing dark ones but for the day I want something light, I hope I find one that matches me

  6. Good stuff, sharing with my wife. This is genius.

  7. I love red lipstick and will try this product. Thanks for posting

  8. Author


  9. Unique way to figure this out! Well… now I’m trying to figure out what I’d name my, uh, personal shade! 😉

  10. I actually really love these shades. They are the ones I tend to reach for the most. I have that exact two faced one.

  11. I just heard of this trend as I saw a Buzzfeed video about it. What a unique innovative way to find your nude lip color!

  12. I heard of this trend and laugh but secretly want to go to Sephora pop out my boobs and do a couple swatches I’m a weirdo i guess lol

  13. That’s a really funny theory! I love nude lipsticks with a warmer tone to them. I don’t like them to be too pale! 🙂

  14. I LOVE lipstick! It’s so funny because I always say I love the color but it doesn’t look good on me. There are totally good shades for certain people so I love this.

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