Summer Style For $10 or Less – Weekly Picks 6/19/17

Summer Style For $10 or Less – Weekly Picks 6/19/17

Summer Style for $10 or Less

I always keep my weekly picks at a decent price, but this week I’m keeping them all under $10! I’m going to do this frequently from now on to continue helping others to be fashionable on a budget.

This week I’ve chosen a summer theme, since summer officially beings this Wednesday.

The first two items I’ve chosen are some super stylish and fun shorts. Wear them to the beach or on any day during your summer fun activities. I love the simple, yet fashionable prints on these shorts. They just scream summer to me!

Next I chose a little summer pouch. Keep your money, phone, and other small necessities with you while you go about on your adventures. It’s got a little wrist loop so you can either keep it around your wrist or clip it onto a backpack if needed. So summery!

Keep protected from the sun with this visor. This visor honestly gave me a 90’s feel, which is why I chose it. I love the bright colors! Yellow and pink is an awesome combo. Plus it’s designed by an Australian company. Who knows summer better than Australia?

Next is a sea-inspired bracelet. These coral-colored shells scream summer as it combines warm colors with a beach look. I love it!

Finally I’ve included a watermelon phone case. Your phone will be protected while representing your summer style! So cute! And this is the cheapest item on my list! 🙂

Now for the picks:

*All items were under $10 when this piece was posted. I am not responsible for any price changes.*

What is your favorite item from the list? How do you stay stylish for under $10 in the summer? Let me know in the comments below.

*Affiliate links included. I do make commission off of any purchases made, but usually hand pick the items so they are ones I truly recommend.*

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  1. sea inspired shellac bracelets are really fab. Loved rather all of the offerings here !

  2. Author

    I love that!

  3. My favorite thing for cheap summer stuff is to go second-hand shopping because I can find cheap things that are not as common so they feel more special.

  4. Who doesn’t love a great find under $10!

  5. So love deals and discounts. Thanks for sharing, this is wonderful!

  6. I’m loving that watermelon cellphone case! What a great way to celebrate summer in style!

  7. Those JC penny shorts are so FUN!
    I love the bright colors.

  8. Oh nice set of items that you have posted here. My daughters birthdays are coming up soon so I might pickup a few of these items.



  9. The visor omg!! I have not seen these in the longest time haha but I love it!

  10. These are such cute items to spice up your wardrobe and they are so reasonable

  11. Great accessories for a chic summer look. I just love that word “chic”. Thanks for sharing deals under $10.

  12. The visor is giving me flashbacks to childhood. I remember having something like that at Knotts Berry Farm. I shop clearance usually, it’s a great way to buy under $10. 🙂

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