To Fanny Pack or not to Fanny Pack?

To Fanny Pack or not to Fanny Pack?

Fanny Pack
Fanny packs – once a thing of the past – are slowly making a comeback. But the question is should you jump on the fanny pack bandwagon? Is it ‘cool’ enough? Let’s weigh the pros and the cons.


1. So many cool styles.

Fanny Pack Pineapple      Fanny Pack Cat      Fanny Pack Holographic


Images via Etsy pages PontDesArtsCreationsNaMaszynie, and RaveDollz.

You can find any style of fanny pack you desire. Even designers such as Project Runway’s Kelly Dempsey are joining the fanny pack scene.


2. Carry your possessions easily.

There is no more need to carry around purses, bags, or wallets. Everything can fit into the one fanny pack and you can go hands free.


3. Stash your snacks.

As someone who carries snacks everywhere, this is very important to me. Have your snacks on person at all times.


4. They’re gender neutral.

Literally anyone can wear a fanny pack. Just pick the design that best matches your style!


5. Vintage


Fanny Pack Jurassic ParkThere is a multitude of vintage fanny packs on places such as Etsy to remember the good times.

Image via JordansSecretStuff on Etsy


1. Vintage

Sometimes vintage isn’t always the best. See: Dwayne Johnson with a fanny pack.


2. Is it actually fashionable?

That’s the question we’re all asking. Part of the fashion of a fanny pack is the irony in wearing one. Are you willing to risk that?



Yes! Go ahead and rock a fanny pack! Find a style you feel comfortable about embrace it. My only fashion advice to you is to wear it slightly to the side. Don’t go full frontal.



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    Yes! I learned that as I was researching and I love that they are called bum bags!

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