Using Essential Oils for Beauty

Using Essential Oils for Beauty

Using Essential Oils for Beauty

Essential oils are a wonderful way to better your skin or remedy your health in a natural way. They are wonderful for so many different beauty needs and regimens. I’d rather use these any day than putting chemicals onto my body. Alicia Phillips of The Happy Hippie provided me with a free copy of her book, The Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils, and I learned more than I knew before!!  Here’s a basic guide for using essential oils for beauty.

The Basics

Skin Care

Essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and chamomile are wonderful for fighting acne. So are citruses like lemon and orange! Plus you smell good! Lavender is one of my favorite scents.

Lavender also helps to reduce wrinkles and get rid of those dark circles under your eyes.

Also good for refreshing and bettering your skin is rose, lime, and peppermint. Chamomile is wonderful for your skin in both helping skin conditions and reducing aging.

Hair Care

Lavender does more than just help your skin! It can be used to reduce dandruff and prevent hair loss. How cool!

Also good for your hair and scalp are rosemary, geranium, and rose! Rose oil even helps to strengthen it overall and improve your roots.

I personally use argan oil in my hair and it leaves my hair feeling so smooth and manageable. I use this instead of conditioner some days.

Nail Care

You can strengthen your nails with essential oils as well! Try lavender, frankincense, or lemon! Tea tree oil is great for this as well!

And More!

These essential oils can be put to so many other beauty uses! For example: Use rose as a perfume. Get the wonderful floral smell with many other health benefits! Oils such as lavender and jasmine can be used as perfume too – depending on what your preferences are.

Use rosemary in some water as a natural mouthwash rather than those strong alcohols!

There many other uses that you can read about. But I don’t want to give away all the details. 🙂


Put It To Use

Now that you know the basics, you can put them to use with some amazing homemade beauty products and regimens!

There are so many recipes on the internet for making your own scrubs, lotions, body washes, bath bombs, and more using these essential oils! Find the one that works best from you and your needs or preferences. Go for it!

You can easily make your own nourishing lotion using coconut oil, cocoa butter, and your favorite essential oil for skincare!

Make your own deodorants, shaving creams, and makeup! It’s a wonder how many things you can actually easily make using essential oils!


The Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils

The Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils

I learned a lot of this information from Alicia Phillips’ book: The Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils. This book seriously is ultimate. In the book, Alicia describes the benefits of 31 essential oils and what they can do for you! Whether it be for beauty or for medicine, you will learn everything!

Alicia first turned to essential oils as a remedy for her severe anxiety disorder and her life changed. She uses all kinds of oils to this day! But you’ll have to read all about that in the book! You can purchase it off of Amazon here!

If not for yourself, gift it to your friend with a diffuser or some oils!

Essential oils are very important to me. I personally use Eucalyptus all the time to clear me out when I’m sick or to calm me when I’m anxious. Ginger as well! I generally don’t take medication when I’m sick and will turn to these first. I love the breakdown in this book of how these can be used!


Have you tried essential oils? What’s your favorite to use and why? Let me know in the comments below!


**Disclaimer: By reading this, you acknowledge and understand that I am not a healthcare professional. These opinions are based on my own personal experiences. You are responsible for your health choices. Do not use these without first researching how to properly use them and/or consulting with a doctor. I will not be responsible for any misuse. This information will not cure a disease or illness. If you believe you should see a doctor, see a doctor. Use this information at your own risk and as you deem appropriate.**


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  1. I never knew that Lavender and Rose oil were good for the hair! I want to try this now, thanks for the tips!!

  2. I never knew Lavender or Rose oil was good for your hair! I need to try it! Thanks for these tips!

  3. I love Essential Oils! I didn’t know you could use them in your hair however. Thank you for the post.

  4. Author

    That’s awesome! I haven’t tried that one yet, and I might have to now!

  5. I’ve been using Young Living essential oils for over 3 years now and absolutely love them! My favorite one for my skin is frankincense – my skin looks better now at 30 than it did in my 20s! My favorite overall is probably Stress Away. Or maybe Thieves. So hard to choose!

  6. I love essential oils! I currently only diffuse them, I had no idea about all the other uses! Thank you! Totally new to the oil game

  7. I love this oil trend! we have one for everything, mint is great for so many things!

  8. Oh, they are essential. With our raw winters in northern Canada, we do use them. I didn’t know about lavender, though. Excellent info.

  9. I absolutely LOVE using essential oils in every aspect. Lavender is my most used! Love it.

  10. I really enjoy finding new ways to use essential oils. I feel healthier and smell better 🙂

  11. I’ve just now started using essential oils for my diffuser, I definitely need to start using them in my beauty routine! I hear frankincense does wonders for the skin! I just don’t have it yet! Thanks for writing this article.

  12. Author

    I aspire to be a boss with a deskful of essential oils. Lol.
    I just always have snacks at the workplace.

  13. Author

    Dang. :/ I hope you can find one that works for you!!

  14. I’ve tried to improve my acne with essential oils, but it never quite worked! I never tried peppermint or chamomile though. I’ve been struggling with dry scalp and dandruff, maybe lavendar will help with that 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  15. An old boss of mine always had a selection of oils in her desk and whenever something was bothering us, she’d break them out lol. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn’t. But they sure did smell good 💕

  16. I always see essential oils advertised but never really knew what they did. Thanks for this little snippet of what they can do. I am intrigued!

  17. Author

    That would probably work. I personally use the Marc Jacobs conditioning treatment.

  18. I use YoungLiving and other oils. I wonder if I can find the Aragan oil there? I need something natural to use on my hair that isn’t greasy but makes it soft and helps keep it from being dry. Do you think that will work?

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