Weekly Picks – 4/24/17

Weekly Picks – 4/24/17

Every week I will be featuring 6 items that I love, and that you should love too!

This week I am on vacation, so I’ve chosen 6 items that I’d love to bring with me on vacation for a day in the sun and an evening by the campfire.

I’ve begun by choosing a swimsuit that features my favorite color – pastel pink. I love that it stripes with white. It gives the swimsuit a cool feel. To protect from the sun, you need a stylish sunhat. I’ve chosen one that’s black to contrast the swimsuit. Plus the bow on it is adorable.

Adding to the pink are other vacation essentials: sunglasses and sandals.

You’d need to take all of these items swimming, so I’ve chosen the BEST of all pool floats and chose AN AVOCADO POOL FLOAT. Avocados are my favorite food, so I was pumped when I found this.

To wrap up the warm day, you’ll need a long sleeve shirt for when it gets warm in the evening and you are outside enjoying games or by a campfire. With the unicorn theme I had going from last week, a mystical unicorn sweatshirt was necessary.

The picks:

What’s your favorite?




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  1. Oh I love everything you picked! But my favs definitely have to be the floppy hat and the sunnies. Love!

  2. I can imagine my two daughters going crazy over this list especially when they see the avocado. Lol. I think these are all cool picks!

  3. I love the 6 items that you picked! These are all must haves for a beach outing. That swim suit is adorable.

  4. Awesome recommendations, to be honest! These are all pretty cool. I love that avocado float!

  5. What a great selection of outfits, I really love the shades, I’m a huge fan of Pink too

  6. Very nice how you can put together a quick and fun look while on vacation. Nice glasses!

  7. This is such a cute collection. Avocado pool float i like it.

  8. Author

    It’s an avocado float! I’ll keep in mind to try to have more variety in the future! 🙂

  9. Everything is on the girly end so it wouldn’t be something that I would wear but I can see that the bathing suit is really pretty. And that pear shaped item is interesting as well. I’m guessing it’s a floatie?

  10. I like the hat. It would be great to keep the sun off your face. I so have to get me an avocado float.

  11. I love the avocado pool float- avocados are my fav! I saw a pizza slice pool float yesterday I have to get for my son!

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