Weekly Picks – 5/01/17

Weekly Picks – 5/01/17

Floral Picks

Every week I will be featuring 6 items that I love, and that you should love too!

The first week of May is National Wildflower Week, so to promote that, I’ve chosen 6 floral items for this week’s picks! National Wildflower Week promotes the preservation of wildflowers in the United States. Wildflowers are so important to our environment, plus they keep the land naturally beautiful. If nothing else, please spread the word this week to promote the importance of this week.

The first item I’ve chosen is a dress. May is when it really starts to warm up and I can finally start wearing dresses again. I’ve picked a dress in my favorite color (pastel pink, of course). It shows off a bit of midriff as well and I like showing off a little bit of midriff.

To pair with the warming up, I’ve chosen an adorable swimsuit. I’m super into one-pieces this year and this one is so pretty! The yellow stands right out and the flowers are beautifully placed! The yellow actually reminds me of honeybees as well, which are very important to the pollination of wildflowers.

Then I found these SHOES. I love Dr. Martens. A lot. When I saw these floral ones, I had to add it to my list. I literally removed another item to add them. I love the simplicity of the white base with flowers on top.

I’ve also chosen three accessories. A tiny backpack for carrying all of your possessions. Tiny backpacks are very important in my life. I also found a tumbler that is perfect for carrying your iced beverages with ease. I really like to carry smoothies in mine and I make matcha tea in mine as well. The final item is a simple ring. I like that it isn’t colored, so it can go with almost any outfit while still being adorable.

The picks:


What’s your favorite?


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  1. Cute picks! Minkpink is one of my favorites, they always have great finds!

  2. I have never seen floral Doc Martens before and those are adorable! Those would be the funnest spring splurge! Great picks!

  3. Those Docs need to be on my feet STAT! I’m in love. That ring is absolutely adorable! I’m in love with your love list lol

  4. awesome post..looks good for the season.

  5. Love the backpack! I rock a backpack all the time (it’s just practical!) and that one is super cute/

  6. The bag from Bloomingdales is my favorite!

  7. Yeesssss!!! I love the ring, too, but these are all really great pics. Somebody is getting IG ready… 😉

  8. The ring is totally my thing! But really all your 6 picks are looking cute!

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