Weekly Picks – 5/22/17 | Confetti

Weekly Picks – 5/22/17 | Confetti

Confetti Picks

This week is my birthday week! So with that in mind, I wanted to make this week’s picks something fun, like a party. I chose a confetti theme and choosing the products was so fun!

I first chose a bomber jacket. This jacket has a white base, which I love and you will see with a lot of these products. It makes the confetti pattern stand out so much more. What I like about this jacket is that while the pattern stands out, it’s not anything too crazy. And you can wear it with so many outfits!

Next I moved on to a little wallet. I love this wallet because the confetti detailing is metallic stars! Such a cute wallet to carry your money and cards around in. And it’s not too big or anything, so you can fit it in a pocket or put it inside of a purse. Easy!

Next is the shoes. I had to choose these shoes because the brand name is Melissa. Duh. Also they’re adorable. A simple flip flop, but with a big glittery gold confetti bow on them. It adds elegance and makes any outfit a little bit cuter.

Then I chose a necklace. I love this piece. It’s a star with confetti embedded into it. I thought it was a great statement piece and would look good with so many things! I also chose a travel tumbler. Bring the party everywhere with you while you carry around your drink. This is so cute! And as someone who loses their water bottles and travel mugs, I think this one would be hard to lose.

Finally, I chose literal confetti. Keep a little tube of confetti on hand for a spur of the moment confetti occasion (I feel like I have a lot of those). But this confetti is extra cool because it’s eco-friendly. It’s made from dried flower petals and biodegradable paper. PLUS some gold leaf added in there. Literally…what? So cool! And it comes in a couple of different colors, so you can carry a few around! I’m the type of person who carries random confetti around in their purse…

Here are the picks:

I hope you liked these picks! Let me know what your favorite item was! I can’t choose between these 6. Make sure to check out past weekly picks for more of my personal favorites!

*Affiliate links included. I do make commission off of any purchases made, but usually hand pick the items so they are ones I truly recommend.*



  1. What a fun idea! My favorite is the travel tumbler – I feel like I would be even more cheerful when drinking my coffee from it!

  2. Author

    I’d sprinkle it everywhere too! Haha.
    And yeah – I have big feet as well so it’s sometimes difficult.

  3. The flip flops are cute, sadly I have extremely wide feet and cant purchase shoes online- sandals rarely fit. The confetti with the gold leaf sounds the most exciting. I would sprinkle it everywhere!

  4. Author

    Thank you!

  5. Author

    Thank you! I’m glad you like them! 😊😊 Also the wallet is only $12. I love it!

  6. I confess that I’m not really a confetti person (aside from at concerts when they shoot confetti canons lol), but these picks are quite lovely. They have a chic look to them and are all definitely something I plan to take a look at. I especially like the wallet. I’ve been looking for a new one and I really love the look of the one you picked. I can’t wait to see more picks from you!

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